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How to Talk to Asian Girls the Right Way

how to talk to asian girlsHow to talk to Asian girls is not hard at all. If you saw one Asian beauty and were instantly captivated by her appeal, you have a better shot at getting her phone number and taking her out on a date if you know how to talk to her the right way.

For most Western guys, they think that talking to an Asian girl is the same thing  with Western women. There is some slight difference. Because both women were raised in different cultures, there are differences in the things that interest them both. Conversation topics are an example.

You have to know that having a good conversation is very important to a lady from the East. These ladies are not shallow; they’re not the kind of girls who have nothing to talk about but how their perms cost a lot or how the colors of their nails complement their eyes.

You won’t hear them saying “that’s hot” as a response to everything you say.

Pardon me saying, but Asian girls are not like the typical blonde girls who have nothing intelligent to say.

A lot of ladies from the East are very intelligent. As a matter of fact, most of the girls here are educated. Some may not have college degrees because they didn’t have the privilege of getting a formal education, but a lot of them are taught at home, so they still get some form of education.

If there is one thing you can expect, it’s that you will not be talking to someone with nonsense.

Part of learning how to talk to Asian girls the right way is to understand the red flags. These are topics you shouldn’t be talking about. You also need to learn the things you must NOT do when in a date or even when engaged in a small chitchat.

Don’t talk to her about sex. Remember, Asian women are conservative. They may want sex the same way as Western women but they are not used to expressing it freely. She will feel uncomfortable when you get into that topic. And if you push more, you may offend her.

Don’t stare at her as if she’s some sort of a commodity. If you’re talking to an Asian hottie, don’t stare. This will make her uncomfortable. She will feel like you’re scrutinizing her and you’re not genuinely interested in her. She’ll get the impression that you’re sizing her up the way you would a car.

Don’t talk about stereotypes especially if it’s about Asian people. Some Western guys may not be too sensitive about the things they say. There are times when you slip and utter some inappropriate comment about Asian people or other race in general. This will not sit well with Asian women. Even if you’re not pertaining to Asians with your comment, she’ll feel that it’s wrong. Demeaning other race is something Asian women don’t like to do. She’ll have a bad impression of you if you do this, so be careful.

Don’t try to talk like her. Maybe, out of your desire to make her feel comfortable and like you, you will resort to adapting an Asian accent and talk in an Asian dialect. This can backfire. First, it will sound fake. She will take note of how forced your accent is. Women are turned off by men who try to pretend he’s someone else. Next, you may use the wrong language. There are different dialects in Asia and you may accidentally use one that the girl doesn’t understand.

Just be yourself. That’s basically the key. You don’t need to impress her or anything. That’s the secret on how to talk to Asian girls the right way.

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